letter to a friend.

i am good. school is done and now i am working instead, which means that i call people for seven hours every day and bother them. but it’s not so bad ’cause sometimes they dont’ mind.

i still have one exam but it’s not a hard exam and i already passed the course so it’s cool.

today i saw my friend joel from work do his comedy routine called 42 short plays by the new humorists. it was good but no one was listening because they all just wanted to see the band “lesbians on extacsy”, who were also good, but a bit gay.

steph really likes that band.

i’ts been at least a month since i drew a real comic. my hands are atrophying but i still don’t feel like doing any. am i broken? am i cheating the people? do you still want a shirt? i still have them.

i want a chameleon for christmas. that’s what you have to get me. their feet aren’t even really like feet at all, more like something that ISNT feet. also, they are awesome when they eat, but it’s hard to feed them cause you have to touch bugs.

i’ve been playing Neverwinter Nights a lot lately. it’s like d&d but it lives in my computer instead of in the hearts and sould of the other dorks. it doesn’t love me like they do but it loves me when i need it to.

i like my mac. it’s like a pc but it’s more beautiful. that’s not important.