on the greeting practices of odious creators, and their inability to justify lazyness.

clearly, something is different. is it the font? the logo maybe? where is the comic?

yes. partially. here.

as anyone who has been stopping by of late knows, there haven’t been new comics for a long time now, and there wasn’t really going to be in the near future, so, rather than having my legacy die out slowly, like some ridiculously talented creators i can think of, i have decided to switch format to accomidate something i’ve been doing anyway.

yes, it’s a blog. yes, blogs have an innocous tendency to be self-flattering and all-around sucky. hopefully i can walk the walk and maintain something worth reading, if not i welcome you to check out the amazing things that some other folks are doing.

anyone actually interested in the photography which had become the main feature of v1.0 will find the pictures both posted here regularly, and archived individually (without the incessant talking) in the photography section.

i still love you.

you will like this new thing

4 Replies to “on the greeting practices of odious creators, and their inability to justify lazyness.”

  1. I like the new layout/format/everything. It looks very nice and pretty.

    Hopefully someday you will make more comics, but blogs are awfully fun to read as well. hooray for new things!

  2. I dunno…. I like the old site…and teh old comics…and the old Jer… I don’t know if my heart can take all this…it’s just so damn traumatic…It’s sad really…but oh well go with the flow I guess… I love you too Jer…I guess

  3. Good luck with the new site Jer. Don’t give up drawing if you still like to do it. Even if you don’t post things for all to see, keep doing, keep going and make it all happen!

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