On the googledex of ware-hockers and insufficient spungial mass.

Now it’s one thing to read about comment spamming in Wired News, but it’s another thing entirely to actually have someone comment, twice, about their boyfriend’s successful penis-enlargement experience on a post I wrote two months ago quoting something beautiful Augustine said about knowledge.

I mean, seriously, “The confidence…, the courage!” !? What the hell does that mean? The idea here is that the presence of the links on popular (ha ha) pages improves their Google rating, but this person actually seems to expect clickthroughs because of the great writing.

The internet is a very strange place my friends. And my penis is not nearly large enough for it.

4 Replies to “On the googledex of ware-hockers and insufficient spungial mass.”

  1. Dear Sir,

    Ever since I became president of Nigeria and found that my uncle had died leaving millions to me that I wish to give to you if you’ll send me your bank account details and a small check for all your money, I have found that this special cream will make my member 25 feet long and it pleases the girls because it takes them shopping and buys whatever they want and now that I own the viagra company which we can discretly install in your front garden (as long as your front garden is high grade industrial zoning over 20 acres in size with a municipal sewage connection and grid electrical supply) your very own viagra factory so you can descretly supply viagra like I did, to a discrete 25 million local people, and because I get your traffic google is garanteed to provide me with more hits and did I tell you that all the girls love it and my friend fancies you but please dont publish my photoes and also can you stop sending me that porn and before you sdferfkaerhgvbsdwk I think you should know that my boyfriend is out, and so is my girlfriend and i’m home alone with 7 horny virgin girls who want to know why your never online, but at least until your ICQ crashed and, well, lets get to the cruch, did you enjoy your vacation? huh? because Mike gave me your details and well, you know, your order has been confirmed, and oh yeah, re your message, I really do know where to get cheap tobacco so all your worries are over.

  2. I kinda forgot all about your site, because, you know, I suck. So yeah. Hopefully you haven’t forgotten completely about me and how we used to pretend that pool sticks were light sabers (how did I remember that???).

    HELLO JER!!!!! How are you? That’s nice.


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