it has come to my attention

tux of linux, stuffed with herringthat i have been mistreating this space. Amazingly, this is due not to an exccess of business but rather to a lack of homeness, or at-homeness.

To get the ball rolling again I will share some of the wisdom I have gained in my brief time off:

1. Despite the rumors circulating on the internet, LINUX is not yet “easy to install and run” nor is it “user-friendly”. It is at best “geek polite” and more likely “noobie scornful”.
(of course, it remains nonetheless the most ethical choice, as it is free both as in “beer” and as in “speech”, unlike certain other operating systems)

2. If you do decide to install linux (kudos to you) do not be picky about which distribution you take. Just buck up and get the easy one.

3. It seems to me that political correctness has robbed our culture of the wonderful spice that is the differences between us. Therefore, I hereby declare that we should, as much as possible, refer to those around us according to their geographic ancestry. Ex. “Hey look, it’s Punjabi-Bill!” or “How ya’ doin’, The Englishman?”

4. What ever happened to The Information Superhighway? I remember in grade 7 it was going to be the biggest thing around and then it totally dissapeared.
(“hey, did you see that flash game where you get to play as George W. Bush killing people on The Information Superhighway?”
The Information Superhighway, next exit: porn!”)