all of these penguins are wearing hats.


There is a tiny place inside my head where I have been hiding to avoid being there when I call people to do surveys all day long, which is what I have been doing since school ended.

Uneventfully, there is very little in this tiny space, and the United-Statsers who I have been calling make it in far too often. (to any unitedstatsers in the audience do not feel insulted, I understand that you are barraged by telephonic solicitations, I merely hate to be among them)

Queerly enough, today was the day when my dignity was stolen from me by a tv prank crew from Just For Laughs. It was a sketchy, pretty unfunny, and ultimately botched joke about doing a survey for Health Canada and going to have the final questions asked by a doctor in the next room, which seems to the trickee to be a bathroom where the angry doctor is performing and act of defecation. Of course, they sent me too early, and I just saw an empty doctorless room, so they had to stall me and send me back, which faded the gag a tad.

I would show you a picture of these ridiculous people, but my batteries were completely dead. my creation depends on portable electricity.

You should be reading a book by Kurt Vonnegut, I have been doing it for years, and have never once been left unsatisfied.

Novels by kurt vonnegut are better than sex in that regard at least.

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  1. i don’t understand… was your boss in on the joke or something?

    i always wondered if someone i knew would get caught up in one of these ridiculous pranks….

  2. Lindsay was caught by the just for laughs crew. some dude pretended like she crushed his hand in the trunk of a car after he asked her to help him close it. She got so upset she cried and someone had to chase her down and calm her. It was really bad.

  3. kurt vonnegut, better than sex? hmmm i never thought about it that way, but you could be on to something.

    i would start with cat’s craddle, but that’s just me. it’s my favourite book ever.

  4. 1. the just for laughs gag was performed by pulling people off the street into a seedy empty townhouse. i was nowhere near my work.

    2. that is a horrible story about lindsay.

    3. I strongly recommend Breakfast of Champions and Slaughterhouse Five.

    4. I second the motion for instating Cat’s Cradle as awesome.

    5. I both meant “sex” in general, and meant no insult. My own failings contribute to my disatisfaction (at rare times, i merely said that i had NEVER been unsatisfied by big K) as much as anything else.

  5. are you saying you’d rather have read KV than have sex?…what kind of sex are you having, jer? i love Kurt too, but if the oppertunity came up to read one of his books or have sex, i don’t think i would be sitting there thinking ‘well, i know i like sex, but i think i like Kurt more.’ i wonder if this thinking changes when you get steady sex. like, the sex will be there later, i have to return this book to the library on monday…

  6. lol I dont know man Kurt Vonnegut is pretty good, I’d suggest starting with Slaughterhouse V, but then again I’ve only read that one book by him. Still, better than sex? hmmmmm…. I think I’ll have to agree with aiden on this one

  7. i just want to make it clear here that i meant only that i had NEVER BEEN DISSAPOINTED IN KURT, unlike sex, and that in this way alone are his books better than the copulatory arts.


    – vacations
    – report cards
    – being drunk
    – refer
    – gadgets
    – changing your hair
    – batman films
    – banking
    – relationships
    – kisses
    – danses
    – open-source
    – the new album by your favorite band
    – stuff you drew
    – long pointless lists

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