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  1. Dude, as commie as I am, I just can’t bring myself to vote NDP. You see the thing is, especially in the good old Quebec, any vote that isn’t for the Librals is a vote for the Bloc, and lets face it, none of us want them in… The thing is, the NDP is never going to win, so voting for them would be like voting for Nator which would ultimatly put the Conservatives in power, because let’s face it, it’s either one or the other. I don’t have anything against the left, far from it, whichh is why I really can’t stand to vote for them when it’s only going to let the conservatives get control.

    The fact of the matter is, it’s just a crappy time for an election, none of the candidates really pull anyone’s chains, (well maybe Harper yanks his bunch’s but that’s not the point), and I won’t deny the fact that Librals have become a hell of a lot more docile in the past while, but who else is there to oppose the conservatives? Maybe I’m wrong, maybe things can change and the NDP will be elected, or that ultimately it won’t come down to either the Conservatives or the Librals. Maybe a Vote for the Great bright left is really going to make a stronger good rather than just splitting the current opposing (to the conservatives) libral vote.
    Prove me wrong Jer, please…


  2. “any vote that isn’t for the Librals is a vote for the Bloc”

    What has REALLY been wrong with the Bloc lately? Their social programs are by far the best in Canada, and they were the first to accept Gay Marriage, amung other such equalitarian rights. They just want to be able to keep their own tax dollars to do with as they see fit instead of having Ottawa blow it on retardedness.

    The reason WHY the NDP won’t win is because everyone is paranoid of the vote split. I hear ALL THE TIME people say they wish they *could* vote for the NDP. In fact, when talking politics with people, everyone seems like they’d be interested in having an NDP government, but they just don’t have the balls to do it. I’m sorry to see that you’re one of those cowards Alex.

    Personally, I’m voting Green. They need to get that 2% to give them a chance in the future! Sure, they’re right as hell in some cases… but they’re a much more friendly right than anyone else. (See… my NDP candidate can’t speak French… so I don’t really think I can support her.)

    Or, maybe once I get to the booth, I’ll vote Marijuana. Think of all the money the government could get from legalizing it and selling it! … Not just from the drug itself, but from clothing! Hemp makes good clothes….

  3. quite possibly the thing i hate the most is people who aren’t voting NDP because they want the greens or marijuana parties to see power. I mean seriously guys, The NDP is green as hell (note the new green theme on their website), alternative power and emmissions taxing is half their platform. Furthermore, they are a party THAT ALREADY HAS POWER and favors decriminalisation, IF NOT legalization of marijuana! They say that a vote for NDP is thrown away but a vote for those parties is what truly is.

    also, the issue of vote splitting is a very important one and i understand what gimp is saying. It’s not about asking the people you know (y’know, the university students and stuff) who they’re going to vote for. Look at the polls, look at the histories of the ridings you’re in. Some are just too risky, As much as i want the ndp to grow and gain more power, i’d rather it happen in provinces where it’s them vs. conservatives and not them vs. liberals, or libs vs. BQ because i REALLY REALLY REALLY don’t want stephen Harper to be the prime minister of our country.


    everyone needs to vote strategically, regardless of how they feel. but they also have to really understand what their strategy is, and not just assume based on national polls (like, 1026 people polled means only like 3 from each riding, can that 33%/30% split really be valid?

  4. also, the green party is retarded and i have no respect for them at all. I heard the green rep for my riding speak and he denounced things like mown lawns and antibacterial soap.

    i mean christ. he was serious.

  5. hey, I’m in ireland right now, and i dont know what the hell is going on in canada, ask me about the elections in dublin and i can tell ya loads but… can someone give me the low down politically speaking before tomorrow noon, the last day to vote by special ballot at the embassy.

  6. Hey Jer, I am just wondering where you got those buttons? I am an American, but I love Jack Layton and the NDP. If I were in Canada I would be doing anything I could to mobilize voters to vote NDP….anyway I would like to show my support here in the States. Can you let me know…thanks.

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