Evil Dead 1 & 2, The Musical.

evil dead 1&2 the musicalf I’m not sure exactly why you aren’t at the Cabaret du Plateau right now, watching Evil Dead 1&2, The Musical, but I am sure that it isn’t a good enough reason. It is a rare beauty in this life to experience something so eloquently violent, musical, campy, awesome, ridiculous, funny and above all bloody take place live and in such close proximity to yourself. Those within the city of Montreal should feel free to not live with the regret of missing it for the rest of their lives.

(for those out of town, the films on which it is based, Evil Dead 1, and, conveniently enough, Evil Dead 2, are an almost-satisfying substitute, along with their sequel [seeing as the first two films are essentially the same, the latter being a confused remake of the former] Army of Darkness, which takes a less “cabin in the woods” and more “unjustified mideival times setting” approach)

Seriously though, how can you go wrong with zombies, shotguns, chainsaws, s-mart (shop smart, shop S-mart), and such gratuitous use of the expression “stupid bitch!”, all presented alonside tunes you’ll be tapping your foot to all night long!? You just can’t, you stupid bitch.

(p.s. when buying a ticket, the word on the street is that a significant deal/price reduction can be had by mentioning your “boomstick”)

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  1. I’m going to see it this week, most likely on thursday. the best part? I got the tickets for freezie!! FREE!!! I got sweet mexican hookups.

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