server problems and a good ten days.

me standing in front of the atlantic, nice view

Apologies for any weirdness that may have been noticed in the last couple of days, namely dissappearing posts. The problem seems to have been fixed (damn sketchy server).

Just so we’re clear I am back, and I did have an amazing time. Halifax is a tiny and delicious city with just enough girth to satisfy one’s need for serious techno-penetration, but is small enough to walk across in half an hour. Also, it is said that people there are nicer than on the mainland, but I’d say that the difference is even more pronounced in their cats, who roll over to have their bellies scratched by strangers on downtown streets. Now that’s service.

note: a certain mr. comeau wrote a couple of posts about our adventures.

(photocredit: Sarah Tracy, a beautiful soul who let me into her heart and home, but tried to trick me with buddhism.)

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