Finally breaking down – or – germans are crazy.


Seeing as I had some dollars that weren’t allocated for something else and hadn’t bought anything cool in at least six months I bought my first cellphone a few days ago (Siemens m55). Already I am a far more popular guy.

Best Part: Ridiculous flashing lights on the side of the phone that strobe with a total disregard for logic or usefullness.

Other best part: the German engrish (ünglish?) on the manufacturer’s web page…

“With its extraordinary design and convincing functionality, the M55 is the perfect all-round talent for individualists”

(if you think you should have the number and don’t email me.)

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  1. Hey, now you’re officially invited to the annual cell phone dispatch party.
    This is when we take all cell phones, put them in a huge pile and light them on fire with kerosene. (There’s another fire for roasting marshmallows and weiners). All are welcome.

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