9 Replies to “don’t wake it -or- we’re all doomed”

  1. The dirt on the toe suggests to me that this laced menace has already been on a heel-bent spree of destruction and is merely resting, resting the rest of the damned, in preperation for his final act. The destruction of all mankind!
    Might I suggest you tie his laces together?

  2. you just made me realize something… your shoe is like your signature.. i see those shoes walking and i know it’s Jer… or then maybe it’s your hair… or your creative commons t-shirt…

  3. I say we just tie its enormous shoe laces together so when it wakes it will fall over and break its face on something.

  4. I dunno bout that, giant sloths (Nemoylodon listai), they’re not evil, nor giant anteaters (Myrmecophaga tridactyla) except obviously to ants I guess, and possibly to athletes for sloths?

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