As doom approaches,

switchbush.psdMaybe Kerry’s not the perfect choice, maybe he’s even a serious suckass choice. Doesn’t really matter to me, as long as I don’t have to live near a coutry led by Dubya.

Impressive election-time efforts from bright people:

Marc Perkel spends a couple grand setting up a direct line to offer Fahrenheit 911 for download off his site. You can just go there and get it if you haven’t seen it, especially if you are an American voter. (My personal issues with Michael Moore aside, this is an important film for everyone to see, if only to balance the unbelievable bias of most American media institutions)

Also, Errol Morris. documentarian of the century and creator of the Apple Switch ad campaign, has created a series of “switch” themed ads for toppling the Bush regime (former republicans saying they won’t vote for Shrub) , worth checking out.

Bummer: My American teacher, and apparently a large group of other ex-pats from Pensylvania, won’t be voting this year because whoever’s in charge dropped the ball on absentee ballots. Democracy shows itself to be circumstantial once again.

george bush - watch it

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This call may be monitored for quality control purposes. . .

ironicallyenough.jpg It had to happen someday, so I now officially work for the Quality-Control element of Decima Research, rather than the Public-Probing department, this means that I will no longer have to call people and bother them, but will instead listen to other people do it. You are very jealous.

Also of note, for the first time in my life I dropped a course I had already started. It was a Presocratics-to-Plato philosophy course, and, ironically, the drop was brought about partially because of the time commitments involved in my participation in the philosophy students union, which I am no longer really elligible to be a member of as I can no longer even pretend to be doing a double-major.

On High-Sea Imperialism and underapreciated freedom-fighters.

piratesemperors.jpg Pirates and Emperors, an amazing animated film about the mystifying nightmare that is US foreign policy, set to the beat of those catchy old “School House Rock” edu-toons (remember: “I’m just a bill!” ?)

Seriously it’s super fun. Also, it points to something I’ve been dealing with lately, namely that pirates aren’t nearly as cool as people make them out to be. Why the hell does everyone love pirates so much, they’re just thugs and rapists. Not unlike the mythically defined USA, the image everybody seems to hold of them is so distracted from their real essence that it completely obscures what’s actually going on.

I mean, why can’t the hackers get any love?

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sonypod.jpgAlso, while I’m already lifting content from boingboing, quoth Cory Doctorow concerning Sony’s attempt to shut down a ligitimate piece of entrepreneurial irony (or physical hackery depending on how you look at it) :

“From defending consumer rights in the Supreme Court in the 1984 Betamax case to this in 20 years: what a pack of sellout assholes. Hey, fuck you too, Sony.”

(emphasis mine. link to BoingBoing article)

Young man moves through cyberspace with mind, takes over planet.

electricbrain - link to articleWild ARTICLE about a 25 year old quadriplegic who had 100 electrodes implanted in his brain, and can consequently control computers and television with the force of his mind. He can check emails and change channels, and, the researchers say, even do more than one thing at the same time (i.e. move head and change channel).

I wrote about another article a while ago describing a similar but less invasive (also less effective) technique with the same goal, jacking those unable to interact with the real world into the digital one, and giving them the same power there that we have here. Everyone should be excited about this. The company responsible for the “cyberkinetic” technology used in this new experiment has started implementation of four new subjects.

These guys are going to rule the world. Just you watch.