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  1. yeah, thats really quite beautiful.
    I love that Long-Johnsilver is there too.

    I dunno tho, is that a set-up? I mean, does steam really come out of the vents in the ground like that in the americas? iv only seen it in american movies, it certainly doesnt happen here in britain. Is it really that cold?

  2. I’ve never seen it happen here in Montreal but when I went to new york, the sewers festered with smoke like that, and it smelt like raw sewage (makes sense) but I don’t think it was because of the cold as the smoke was somewhat warm. Like a street vendor hot dog.

  3. this was actually a crazy kind of park in the middle of the commercial downtown of montreal (like amid the skyscrapers) where there is a whole field of these steaming vents, it was wild.
    It was so late at night that it might just be the after effect of something else but there was SO MUCH STEAM EVERYWHERE! Like 10 times as much as you can see in the photo.


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