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  1. America! Fuck yeah!
    Commin again to save the mutha fuckin day yeah!
    America! fuck yeah! freedom is the only way yeah!
    terrorists your game is through, cuz now you have to answer to America! fuck yeah!

  2. its a hard thing to understand.
    to be a part of something so important.
    to try and make a change.
    and then the fundamentalists shit in your hat.
    fuck you, indeed.

  3. I guess this is a humble message to fellow americans from a canadian in a time of question, doubt and whatever else you must be feeling at the present time. So take it or leave it.
    I have come to realize something.
    I can’t lie to you, the general consensus up here in Canada’s collective psyche, especially in Montreal which is very liberal minded, (only 9% of all quebecers support Goerge Bush) is that of a dislike of american mentality. Not necessarily american individuals but rather the ethnocentric, right-winged, conservative, neo-christian political ideals which we associate the states with. Not to mention the Hollywood, pop-culture infestation which I’m sure many republicans will agree is a nuisance to all that is real life.
    After reading the comments of some american people here over the last few days, I must say I think they convey genuine sadness for what is a real and frightening divide in their own country. Perhaps I’m speculating, going out on a limb, but I do believe I sense a deep disarray and, from an outsider, for the very first time I see a polarized nation not only in its politics but in its ideology. Until today, I had always put ALL americans in the same boat, so to speak.
    For this reason, I really think that I need to personally re-shape my vision of, or rather pre-conceived opinion of americans as a whole. Although I am still in shock that a man such as M. Bush can be ellected twice, many of you have taught me that not every american adheres to his war-monging, money hungry mentality and are genuinely concerned with the image of America he portrays to the world.
    I believe someone in a prior thread stated that MOST americans voted for Bush. The fact of the matter is many americans did not vote, even if this was the greatest turnout since the 60’s or whatever. Of the roughly 50 percent or better who did vote, only a little more than half voted for George Bush.
    In my mind, only 25 to 35 percent of the american people therefore stand behing this man.
    On a final note, I must say I am deeply worried about what the war in Iraq has already created in terms of world order. The truth is, I am afraid that violence will only intensify throughout the world in the next four years. Canada chose not to participate in a war without UN approval and I am extremely proud of Jean ChrŽtien who was prime minister at the time for making such a difficult decision. Mind you he was pressured by the heavy opposition to this war expressed by demonstrations in every canadian city, one of which I took part in here in Montreal when over 100 000 people marched down the streets in protest. Having said this, I believe it is up to the american people to go beyond the political realm and to stand for what they truly believe in.
    I wish you all the best and hope the world still exists as we know it in four years.

  4. heh, if you google search for “AMERICA FUCK YOU” this page comes up first. You can get it with i’m feeling lucky.

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