Other half of America to world: “Holy shit, we’re sorry”

The sane half of the united states has stood up and cleared their throat with thousands of homebrew photos, the message “We swear, we thought democracy would work. We were sure of it.”

It helps to remember that really, 51% isn’t much of a majority, even if it is enough to keep a Stupid Jerk on the throne for another four years…

And besides, Nixon was booted out of the white house in his second term right?


(via. Sarah Tracy)

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  1. Thanks for apologizing.In Europe we really don’t know if we should laugh or cry about that. But it’s good to know that not all Americans are fond of what has happenend and that some are also interested in what “the rest of the world” is thinking about.
    Greetings from Austria, a little country in the heart of Europe

  2. wait wait, i just want to clarify this. THe picture is just one I took from the site. I am a canadian boy.

    I am sorry in that “your grandmother died” kind of way though.

    thanks for the greetings austria, you’re my favorite country to not be sure what i should think about it.


  3. I’m sorry, normally i do make a difference between Canadians and Americans, but i just woke up and was having my first coffee when I came to your page. About Austria, it’s a quite nice place to live, but we also haven’t the most appropriate politicians. But the thing is, that they do not have the power to influence the whole international policy.

  4. Well as a not-so-proud American, I can say I am sorry guys. I really am. I’m just as pissed and scared and worried as you guys are, if not more.

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