Found above a urinal – or – heroic imagery sells games.

heroicmessagessmall.jpg (click on image to see larger/clearer view)

I guess it’s kind of interesting that the whole gaming/internet obsession axis has developed to the point where it’s reasonable to mix its imagery (the mouse) with that of heroin (arm strap), but it seems a bit too edgy for its own good.

Its obviously got shock value, which is what they were going for, but I’m not really convinced that it totally sells the product (a subscription service where you can download/rent a selection of “150” commercial game titles for the likes of 15$/month). I mean, what are the games? Looking at the admittedly well-crafted photo (the design of the rest of the poster is a bit mundane, with the depanneur/convenience store logo for “Couche Tard” being the best branded element) all I think about is the social connotations of computers, though I suppose I’m not the target audience anyway.

Of course, I’d take it over some of the other urinal-riders any day, if only because it actually gets my brain going.
(note: I think urinal ads are great, if there’s one place in the world where I want to pay for my presence with my eyeballs its when I’m standing around bored and emptying my bladder. Is there a similar feeling from the ladies with stall-ads, or is it just that I’m looking for an excuse to stare forward?)

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  1. Fucking urinal adds. Can’t even piss in peace anymore for Christ’s sake. That’s my spit you see on there.

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