note: things are being rebuilt

So I finally have some time to work through all the content that’s accrued here and move it over to a new server with my host. THUS please be aware of the following things (this is mostly just for friends and active users of the site)

  • The forum is going to topple. It had its moment but has been freakishly dead for a long time now. If you have something there you want to save (or whatever) do it now.
  • The gallery is also going to be cleared out and reinstalled. There will be a new one but if there are any photos there you’d want to save do it now.
  • The blogger blogs should start working again soon.
  • The site may be a bit crazy in the next few days, my apologies, it’ll settle down eventually.

sorry if that had nothing to do with you, keep enjoying this freezing season.

2 Replies to “note: things are being rebuilt”

  1. [old man voice]
    HEY! what did i say about you goddamn comix kids comin’ around here?


    [/old man voice]

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