Second Life

Posted by Jer Clarke on January 2, 2005 · General

I finally got around to signing up for my free 7-day trial of Second Life, a massively multiplayer online world similar to The Sims Online, and it has completely blown me away.

Self-Portrait from Second Life

The level of detail in the character creation process is insane (8 sliders for your nose!) and allows you to not only live out your wildest fantasies, but also simulate yourself within the system to an almost eerie degree (does anyone else find that I did almost too well at reproducing myself, with my true hair color no less?)

The game itself is composed entirely of events and locations developed by its users. Players can build things and spaces, as well as write scripts to govern both the world and it’s inhabitants. Thus activities range from going dancing (with custom scripts for your phat moves) and playing in-game games (like a little combat simulator or laser-tag), to things as simple as poetry readings (all of which I did today)

Also, everyone can fly.

Second life portrait, flying

This is going to end badly, I can feel it.

Posted by Jer Clarke on January 2, 2005 · General

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  1. emily

    you got the nose perfect! and the hair of course.

    January 3rd, 2005 at 11:21 pm

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