Intellectual Property Nerd

Creative Commies T-Shirt When asked in a recent interview what he thought about the recent movement to reform copyright and intellectual property law, Bill Gates called those backing this movement (groups like Creative Commons and the EFF) “some new modern-day sort of communists,” effectively showing not only his cold-war style understanding of ideology, but also his confusion concerning what these groups actually believe.

In retaliation the internet released a slew of logos mockingly promoting the copyleft (commonly logofied as the left-pointing ©) in its deserved red and yellow glory (BB links, 1 2), with one copyfighter going so far as to print tshirts using one of the logos (These are actually amazingly cheap, at 5$ you should buy one for everyone you know!)

In other news, Will Shetterly wrote a funny and completely relevant satire of the current state of copyright law and Mickey Mouse extensions that clearly and entertainingly shows the importance of the public domain for both the consuming and thinking public and the producers of cultural content (using the bible!).

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