giant televisions installed throughout metro system…

television- photo by jeremy clarke
Remarkably, this new means of dissemination proves that public can in fact be cowed further.

From the press release.

Métrovision, in collaboration with the Société de Transport de Montréal (STM), is inaugurating this highly innovative medium, which meets a concrete need for information for public transit riders.

According to a survey of regular Métro clients conducted by Descarie & Complice, 90% intend to consult the screens.

1. replace “information” with “data” and qualify it as “stm sponsored” and you get a better idea of the programming (the example in the picture is a rare piece of actual news, though of course insufficient unless you understand the background)

2. I’ve always questioned the validity of a research firm with “complice” in it’s name. Really, even french people think it makes them sound like burglars. (hint: I’ve unnofficially worked for a lot of different research firms) Of course, the 90% stat is definitely accurate, I mean, why would people wait to get home?

From the hour

All content will be in French with subtitles (there is no sound), and advertising will make up 50 per cent of programming time, according to company officials.

30 second review of Webroot’s Pop Up Washer

webroot popup washer, $39.99
Found this at Future Shop today and thought I’d mention it. Here’s a careful comparison with Mozilla Firefox»

popup washer mozilla firefox
packaging: Attractive green glossy box. Probably made of plastic. Exciting sticker saying “stops popups COLD” or something. No packaging, just download and install
popup blocking: May or may not stop popups, I imagine it probably does. Stops popups cold. I never knew freedom (Windoze freedom, Safari also does a good job) until I started using this browser.
openness: “All rights reserved.” You are protecting yourself with something you do not, and can not understand. By law. A defining member of the open-source movement. Developed with the help of a community of programmers and testers donating their time to make the best product possible.
cost: $39.99 c.a.d. FREE

VERDICT: Someone at Future Shop should be fired.

You could look this good!

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It was SO bad.

Young man ends own life during interpretive dance performance, steals show

Jeremy Clarke, 20 year old student of communication, took his own life with a handgun saturday night at “Social Science”, an orientally inspired dance performance presented by UQAM.

The show, with a ticket price of 18$c.a.d, featured several adults in various levels of undress moving about on stage “improvising”, as well as several outfits and a lively session of “pass around the dance-spirit”.

According to eyewitnesses Clarke became unnerved when 5 minutes had passed since the performers did anything but make childish noises, and became more and more upset as the show wore on.

Finally, as the three dancers held up their fingers to indicate meaningless numbers, Clarke fired a .45 shell deep into the base of his skull, severing his spinal cord and ending all sensory perception of the event.

The performers later spoke to the police:
“Y’know.. I mean, I felt what he was going for, but the gun is so obvious isn’t it? Where’s the subjectivity, the personal risk? I just don’t feel like he really gave up a part of his soul for his art.”