Dill-icious Dorritos and the end of the universe.

dill-icious dorritos. terrifying All new Dorritos flavors officially taste worse than their predecessor(s). Why anyone would think that pickles and mexicania is a good mix is beyond me.

Also, photo credits go out to my new cellphone-camera-palmpilot-mp3player.

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  1. Lindsay made it a point to pick up a bag of those too. We both concluded that iit’s ranch flavour, and not the pickle it claims to be. Look at the ingredients. Nothing resembling a pickle in it!

  2. man, if I lived on the complete opposite end of the country, was four years older, was still drawing and was japanese, we’d be like the same person.


  3. what happend to the gugamole dorritos they were so good the pickle flavored what were they thinking? the gugamole would go with the whole mexcin theme please tell me what happened to it its driving me crazy running around looking for them i really enjoyed them. Tank you

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