It was SO bad.

Young man ends own life during interpretive dance performance, steals show

Jeremy Clarke, 20 year old student of communication, took his own life with a handgun saturday night at “Social Science”, an orientally inspired dance performance presented by UQAM.

The show, with a ticket price of 18$c.a.d, featured several adults in various levels of undress moving about on stage “improvising”, as well as several outfits and a lively session of “pass around the dance-spirit”.

According to eyewitnesses Clarke became unnerved when 5 minutes had passed since the performers did anything but make childish noises, and became more and more upset as the show wore on.

Finally, as the three dancers held up their fingers to indicate meaningless numbers, Clarke fired a .45 shell deep into the base of his skull, severing his spinal cord and ending all sensory perception of the event.

The performers later spoke to the police:
“Y’know.. I mean, I felt what he was going for, but the gun is so obvious isn’t it? Where’s the subjectivity, the personal risk? I just don’t feel like he really gave up a part of his soul for his art.”

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  1. these days you need to make more of an effort to kill yourself, really get noticed you know. My personal favourite is running quickly into a wall headfirst. I’ve been acused of ‘showing off’, but you cant please everybody.
    p.s. your new phone/palm thing is very cool.

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