30 second review of Webroot’s Pop Up Washer

webroot popup washer, $39.99
Found this at Future Shop today and thought I’d mention it. Here’s a careful comparison with Mozilla Firefox»

popup washer mozilla firefox
packaging: Attractive green glossy box. Probably made of plastic. Exciting sticker saying “stops popups COLD” or something. No packaging, just download and install
popup blocking: May or may not stop popups, I imagine it probably does. Stops popups cold. I never knew freedom (Windoze freedom, Safari also does a good job) until I started using this browser.
openness: “All rights reserved.” You are protecting yourself with something you do not, and can not understand. By law. A defining member of the open-source movement. Developed with the help of a community of programmers and testers donating their time to make the best product possible.
cost: $39.99 c.a.d. FREE

VERDICT: Someone at Future Shop should be fired.

2 Replies to “30 second review of Webroot’s Pop Up Washer”

  1. I wish mozilla would kill whatever spyware wont stop poping up windows explorer windows that tell me I have spyware…

  2. I remember seeing once a description of how to completely eliminate internet explorer from a windows machine (the only way to end all potential for IE induced spyware and popups, as the ones you mention are at the system and not browser level, ie is part of the finder app). It’s a risky venture but probably worth it.

    Alternately, Linux.

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