…could it be over?

Officially finished my schooling for this year I am exactly 1 hour ahead of schedule. One delivery trip downtown and I will be ready for a summer composed entirely of listening to fools screwing up basic commands in surveyland.

Appologies for the radio silence lately. The business.

tyndale kidz thumbnailTyndaleKidz.org is one thing I’ve been working on. It’s a groupblog/community where the bloggers are a bunch of kids from a downtown community center me and my class partner were working with. The content isn’t always engrossing but I like to think it has it’s niche market (the audience is supposed to be the community itself).

(Skip this next bit if you have never played Dungeons & Dragons or don’t know what a PHP is.)
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Uke ‘Till You Puke

uke till you puke, speedmetal ukulele bandI figured there must be something like this out in the world, but sweet rotting pope, these guys are intense.

Uke ‘Till You Puke was the world’s first and only speedmetal ukulele band, breaking hearts and smashing uke’s all through the 90’s.

LINK to their songs page. Note especially their amazing cover of Tiptoe Through the Tulips by Tiny Tim, likely the biggest “pop” ukulele song around (so punk rock!).

(found through Ukulele Players Worldwide a great little flash app/community that maps out players through the world and gives photos and audio samples.)