Artbusting: Nike sodomizes punk rock.

nike rips off oldschool punk album art, poster and minor threat album cover almost exactly the same
David points out yet another example of the weak, tacky trend where huge corporations use imagery ripped off from indy/punk/artistic creations to shill their generic crap.

Pictured above is the cover of an early eighties Minor Threat cover next to a poster recently used by Nike to promote a skateboard tour it was holding. How nice of them to also rip off the silkscreen/xerox aesthetic common to the indy scene because silkscreen and xerox are the only means available on a slim budget (10$ says the “Major Threat” posters were four-color printed on glossy).

LINK to BoingBoing article with more detailed links.

It’s Tuesday night, and I am so at the party.

I am dancing in second life, well my avatar is anyway.
(click image for larger version, I am the one with blue hair and a simianuprising shirt)

Note that Second Life now has a live video feed available from their front page. It’s not eactly CNN in terms of excitement (nothing blows up on SLTV) but it kind of gives you a sense of what’s going on generally (of course, mostly showoffs show up, and there’s music you can’t turn off, though it’s alright too.) Direct link to video page.

The U.S. Government + graphic design + drugs

u.s. drug enforcement administration's website is a silly joke.Is it just me, or does the U.S. DEA have the cheeziest site you’ve ever seen? Whoever thought that using a Shiny Three-Dee font for their logo was a good idea should be sent back to 1996 and have their copy of Photoshop 4 taken away.

At least sites like Erowid (representing a diametrically opposed viewpoint) are so inconsistent and oldschool that they develop a kind of telnet chic, cute and approachable as well as being appropriate given the collectively organized and grassroots nature of the content presented.

Really, The War On Drugs, you’re embarrassing yourself.

Better films involving ukuleles.

Screenshot from the coney island ukulele film.It may seem like I have a one-track mind here, but Psychedelic Play-Along Ukulele Films About Coney Island and Mermaids are very, very cool.

Also, while we’re at it, Jake Shimabukuro(link goes to another Midnight Ukulele Disco video) does insane things with only four strings and two octaves. He’s huge in Japan.
(thanks, Big T.)

Because I like it when people find me in Google

ukelele informationNoticing that I’ve been getting significant traffic from individuals seeking information concerning my new instrument, I’d like to share some of the good offerings I’ve come across on my journey towards Hawaiian enlightenment (and not just ironically adorable engrish sites). If you’re not interested in the ukulele just skip the rest.

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