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  1. What exactly i this all about? Also, and moving on to another subject, how about posting the latest Opinion Search memorandum on here. Personally, i believe it to be the most hilarious terror transmission thus far. So neatly crafted, too.

  2. it’s just one of this silly electric push-scooters, but it happens to have an incoherent translation of the labels on it.

    I haven’t actually seen the memo you are talking about, but I got one of my own about it and I understand the gist of the threat.

    I don’t think I’ll be posting it up here, if only because most people reading this would require too much explanation of research methods (not to mention the tacky copyright issues etc.). Personally, i think it’s a special kind of insanity to imagine a world where all the interviewers would have to bring home their modems and headsets (which they would have to do, if the system were to work like that of the id cards), especially as that would lead to inifinitely more broken instruments than the current system does.

    My estimation is that it’s a completely empty threat about making everyone give a deposit. They really just want everyone to be gentle with the equipment, and arent’ particularly tactful about asking for some polite consideration (interesting isn’t it, how they ask for politeness with threats. They should get a book about management.) It seems like a big part of the problem is that the interviewers just don’t think of the equipment as sensitive, it’s a perception problem.

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