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  1. Wow… it’s been so long since I’ve looked for tabs online… (and these aren’t tabulature, I know) I guess I shouldn’t be so shocked to see fancy chord diagrams and all. (Assuming these are printouts based on the crumply nature evident top right)

  2. yeah, they’re from a site that automatically generates the charts to accompany the chord/lyrics sheets.

    i’m going to post some good ukulele links soon, everyone keeps finding my site from google looking for ukulele things and i’m sure they are leaving dissapointed.

  3. my roommate’s in a couple of hipster bands so we’ve got useless instruments lying around (broken guitars, melodicas, a trumpet, a child’s xylophone, keyboards with missing keys, etc) and occasionally i try to rock out on the (broken) guitar (secret admission: whenever i hear ‘the sweat descends’ by les savy fav i like to pretend my name is seth jabour and i am the rock star behind that guitar. i even play air guitar when in the privacy of my bedroom.) but alas i was genetically cursed with small hands and soft skin that refuses to callous so it always ends in disaster. i have tabs lying around my room with big red marks all over it which denote the chords my left hand is too small to accomodate. i should give up now.

    he’s also got a couple of rolands and weird casios kicking around and i’m a bit handier with those so i spend my mornings pretending i’m in kraftwerk. the results are mixed.

  4. … very late, of course, but I hope the title refences “Hits of Sunshine”, a popular name for LSD (which the kids do far too little of these days) and a Sonic Youth song dedicated to Allen Ginsberg (again, woefully unappreciated by the youth of today).

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