Alternative Freedom

alternative freedom featuring lawrence lessig - a film about cultural freedoms

Twila Raftu and Shaun Cronin began Project Free Zarathustra in May of 2004 with the goal of teaching others about digital rights. “Alternative Freedom” is their feature-length documentary about the invisible war on culture.

It can only be good news that these guys found the dollars to put together this film that so dearly needs to be made. Featuring speakers like Lawrence Lessig, Richard Stallman and DJ Danger Mouse, it seems to cover the myriad freedoms that are at risk of being destroyed by the consolidation of law and technology (overbearing copyright law mixed with overarching DRM = ultimate control by media owners and disempowerment of citizen).

If the trailer is any indication, the movie will also be really fun and compellingly assembled. YES!
Link to Alternative Freedom page on
Link directely to .mov trailer file.

(thanks to Copyfight for the link.)

Also, while we’re at it, Dinosaur Comics recently posted a great comic about copyright law, even if the use of (cc) on the comic itself was a bit fatuous (and vague).
(p.s. Anne of Green Gables is a loser.)

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  1. I’ll have to watch this trailer when I get home tonight. Sounds like an interesting approach to free expression, and I’m all for that, despite my conserviative leanings. ;)

    Still diggin’ your blog, Jer.

  2. The Anne of Green Gables estate were the ones who lobbied to have the term of copyright extended in canada like it was in the states. They lost thankfully but they’re still losers.

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