Lockpick Pornography

Lockpick Pornography by Joey Comeau, not on presale for hard copies I’d like to take this moment to point out that Joey‘s new novella, Lockpick Pornography, is good in all the ways that a genderqueer activist humor novel always should and must be. It’s thoughtful, heartwarming, excessively funny and above all challenging in that special way that makes me want to wear dresses and kiss boys when I know all my friends from grade school are looking.

At the link above you can find both the full text of the novel online (Joey posted the chapters for donations a few months ago) and a link to a professionally (real) bound copy. It’s only 13$C.A.D (shipping included) for the pre-order and it looks like it’ll be a good artifact to add to your sexy collection. I’ll lend you my copy if you want, though.

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  1. I forgot to mention, it’s very well written and Joey’s very talented., a testement to that being that I read the whole thing. Myopinion sways around content rather than quality.

  2. I’m not sure if the ideas considered in the book would really bear themselves out fully at an event such as that, though you did catch me asking for it.

    However, I AM working. Have fun though.

  3. Sister, you play your cards right, I can make it so you really do have an extra bone in you.

    By which I mean we could engage in some experimental surgery in which a cadaveric bone is needlessly grafted into a limb…

    Or sex.

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