This Spartan Life : Machinima Talk Show

This spartan life, full serving talk show filmed entirely within HaloLifted from BoingBoing but was just too good to pass up.

This Spartan Life is a full featured latenight-style talkshow filmed entirely within an active online multiplayer game of Halo (a popular first-person shooter). Riding the coattails of super-popular fiction videos like Red vs. Blue, which uses the same technique known as Machinima, This Spartan Life really pushes the medium by having real, important new media artists and thinkers appear on the show to do interviews about their work and the implications of gamespaces and VR on communication, all while touring through the Halo universe and avoiding attacks from unknowing gamers just looking for a fight.

Add in the live 8-bit dj (DJ Octobit) and the impressive dance troupe and you have a really fun and genuinely interesting tv show. More than worth the 15 minutes or so it runs.

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