I made a movie about christmas

It’s very short, maybe you feel like watching it.

a movie I made about christmas

Click the image above to download/watch a .mov (requires some new version of Quicktime). To watch the QuickTime file inside the page click “(more…)” below. You can also download a DivX .avi here.(It might need some DivX sofware, though you should probably just download VLC and use it all the time anyway, it works with everything)

As stated in the credits the audio is by an artist called The Sea Org, and can be found here. I was able to use this sound becaue it was licensed as Creative Commons. The video itself is licensed as Attribution-Share-Alike.

5 Replies to “I made a movie about christmas”

  1. cool movie. you should do more of those..


    very scary, it felt like something really bad was going to happen at the end.

  2. nice video art!

    the way the action was so jostled reeeeally gives the sense of frustration and panic like holliday shopping

    all just to keep that red suit dancing


  3. i finally watched this! patrick had the right plug-ins.

    eerie and appropriate. you should do more stuff like this. also- longer! i want more.

  4. Cute movie. There’s something about Xmas that makes us want to
    remember more about the Xmas’s we have experienced. Dancing Santa
    is a hoot. I have one in my living room with Mrs Clause.


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