Fuck Jack Layton, fuck Stephen Harper, fuck you, Canada.

EDIT January 2011: This post is about a Canadian election long ago and my frustration with how it went. It is not about social and racial strife between English and French Canada. If you came here searching for hate you will find a ton of it in the comment section, which became a honeypot/flytrap for shitheads when this post started ranking highly for search terms like “Fuck Quebec”, “Fuck Quebecers”, and my favorite “Fuck Stephen Harper”. Angry, wounded people started showing up and saying horrible things to each other, which just attracted more of the same. The comments are now closed to new submissions, but I’m keeping the existing ones there as evidence that we are still a troubled nation.
Peace and love to all the people of the world, be they Canadian, Quebecois, or anything else. Canada is a land of beautiful diversity and Quebec’s distinctive culture should be a pride and joy to all Canadians. The antidote to hate is understanding, lets try to work up as much of it as possible within ourselves.

Election photosThe Gazette today (don’t bother going to their site, they hate you so just take my word for it) reported on a poll stating that the Conservatives are (assuming the accuracy of polls) only going to fall two seats short of a majority government, slotting them almost definitely for at least a minority, even given a massive Liberal fallback as witnessed in the last election. Further, it seems the Bloc stands a serious chance of becomming the opposition.

This is fun because I’ve always wondered what it would be like to live under Conservative rule. I mean, I was too young to really feel the pinch when Brian Mulroney was around and anyway, he was just a lamo-halfway “Progressive Conservative”. It’ll be great to see the deficits and social regression we can bring about with some serious Big Cee Conservation of Canada’s social democratic values! Seriously, so what if what is now the conservative party is really the “Reform” party with a new color pallette, they aren’t just a bunch of gun-toting Albertans anymore, they’ve got unreasonably disgruntled nihilists bumping them up too.

Thanks NDP, your devotion to what I believe in has brought us to where we are today. You were so convinced that your parlimentiary bellyaching wasn’t being heard you decided to hit refresh on the whole thing and see what happens. What were you hoping for? A conservative majority puts you in the position of Ralph Nader giving advice to the Bush administration while a Conservative minority could only leave you worse off than with the Liberals (I mean, are you actually expecting more concessions from people almost diametrically opposed to what you believe in?). Did you really think you might win a minority? Get over yourselves. I still stand by the policies and principles of Canadian New Democracy, but I’m sure as hell not wearing my pins this time. You fucked it up Jack, time for a change is right.

My protest is going to be voting Liberal. I was going to give it to the Marijuana Party (the only one with a platform simple and consistent enough to really get behind) but the whole election has exploded out of control and messing around just isn’t an option anymore. The fact is that this whole process should never have been started, so I’m voting for the way it already was. Paul Martin is a wanker and the Liberals are sneaky jerks but the Canadian voting public are proving to be the worst threat of all. Of course Harper is the icon of their stupidity, but it is them (you?), not him, who are willing to let him take over the country. Try harder, Canada.