Conservative Minority

paul martin, image scanned from the always mysterious Montreal Gazette

Good try Paul, but you lost to anger and resentment. Maybe there is a lesson here.

[note: I found this image in the Gazette a while ago, I guess i’ve been saving it for a special occasion]

4 Replies to “Conservative Minority”

  1. That’s an awesome picture. The shading and colour are giving me the impression that there’s actual depth behind it. Neat.

  2. my mother doesn’t agree with abortion or gay marriage. she also voted green party.

    i don’t get it but i’m not complaining.

  3. The picture’s excellent, as is the New Era. I begin my day with a tall glass of Wild Turkey and bawdy humour. I follow this with a cigar while sexually harrassing vaguely attractive members of my staff (don’t worry, women like it, even if they don’t admit it).

    If things get thoroughly Reformed, I might stop hating the Habs.

    PS. … I actually wanted the Cons to win, and think Harper will be an excellent PM in an anti-Trudeau style… neue Lösungen für neues, eine neue, dumme Ära…

    Or as Hewey Lewis put it best: “It’s hip to be square”

  4. I’m with Tom regarding the Wild Turkey policy. No ass-slappin’ mind you, that’s for cads.

    Drop me an email sometime Jer, love to get out for a drink.

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