Hate Comments – or – all my fans

Hate to make a big deal about it, but I’ve been getting some pretty amazing comments on random posts lately, thought I’d share.

Responding to a comment I made on this post about the recent election (where I made some dismissive comments about the Bloc Quebecois, Jean-Francois Boudreault had this to say:
gilles duceppe, leader of hte bloc quebecois

fuck english canada canada doesnt like québec ,well guess what i hate your fucking guts too we will win the next référendum please believe dat fucking pussys

and later:

i want canada to hate québec ,to hate me so i can get my country as quick as possible hate us please hate me hate le FIER QUÉBÉCOIS QUI VEUT SA NATION , LE CANADA NE SE DÉFERRAS JAMAIS DES PATRIOTES COMME NOUS

After which he just gets belligerent:

jeremy clarke is a pussy

My response.

It may be interesting to note that the conversation later continued in email where he unambiguously judged me for being an “anglo-saxon”, quite literally taking a sensitive socio-political issue and putting some serious and strained effort into making it a racist endeavor as well (I mean really, anglo-saxon? As if there’s any real genetic difference between UKers and The French). Thanks for making my opinions look clean and respectful Jean-Francois, you racist prick.

On the “Can’t take a joke” front we have “joey”, who was upset that some people said nice things about this picture:

this website is fucking stupid.
Since when is a picture of a fucking stop light “beautiful.” What a bunch of fuck sticks. And did you guys see this guys zombie-sex porn site? Yes, I am serious.


Fucking douchebag. Fuck you.

Again, thanks for the input Joey, you might want to check out this post though, as I take credit in it for the joke site I built and licenced Creative Commons. If you were joking you need to work on your jokes. If you were serious you need to relax, man, or the internet is gonna make you pretty angry a lot of the time.

Finally, the craziest of all, from Jess, a girl I had the most intensely romantic night of my life with at grad 8 graduation prom (I went to a “middle school”) and who moved away the next day (can you spell “trauma”?), on this post:

Wow, what a thing to find while stumbling through Google…
My picture on your website…

It’s weird to think that my Google Pagerank means that mentioning someone by name in the blog means that vanity searches lead back to me (that post was on the first page of a google for her name). I may have to stop saying horrible things about people from my past after all…