Clinton Pwnz Fox News Smirker, is a conspiracy theorist like you and me.

Bill Clinton  PWNING a fox interviewer

Fox news is so full of shit I often wonder if their viewers and “journalists” take themselves seriously or not. Bill Clinton, it seems, agrees. He showed up for an interview knowing the bull would fly and ready to call them on it, describing exactly what was going on in the interview, in the right wing media today and in the White House while he was there (specifically, why he didn’t kill Osama), all while remaining composed, lucid and not resorting to catchphrasery. No one is perfect, and Clinton is a warhawk in his own way, but if nothing else he is exponentially better at it than Dubya, as well as actually having the best interests of United Statesers in mind, rather than… uh… nothing?

Link to YouTube video. (if this copy is “removed” then search for “clinton fox” and it should show up.)


banksy - image
I’ve always been intrigued by Banksy a graffiti/street artist, but never really looked into it. These are some of my favorites from a show he had which, luckily, someone toook a ton of photos of.

Link to photos page. There’s a bunch of celebrity photos at the beginning, scroll down to see the actual works.

I’m impressed by how acutely relevant the re-interpretations of old images and themes are, as well as how efficiently Banksy communicates really complex ideas about modern problems while still remaining openly funny. He’s kind of throwing the bullshit in its own face, making it look easy.

(via BoingBoing)


Anyone leaving a comment might notice that I’ve installed a plugin that displays people’s Gravatars next to their comments if they’re signed up. It’s really easy to get one, you just sign up and upload an image, then you use your email to identify yourself to Gravatar-enabled sites which grab the image from their servers.

I’ve always found it way more engrossing to have a conversation with someone when they’re visually represented somehow, this seems like the best way to get cool avatars in the comments without making everyone sign up just for this site.

The left side of my face hurts, but my cool new sneakers have grampapeal so overall things are alright.

[UPDATE: To hell with the damn Gravatars, their site is slow and chunks down the functioning of my whole site. I’ll come up with something else for comments.]

9/11 Truth

the world trade centre attackFive years later 9/11 makes a lot less sense to me than it did at the time. When it happened there were immediate visceral answers to explain the events.

  • Why did it happen? There are people who hate America.
  • Easy, of course people hate the U.S., I hate the U.S. and I’m practically one of them. Imagining that people from a country consistently abused and expoited by them (uh… I mean more than in Canada) would want to hurt them isnt’ that hard.

  • Who did it? Doeh Osama Bin Laden and Al Quaeda
  • He admitted to it in a video or something right?

  • The buildings fell down? That’s crazy, are you serious? Yeah, they were designed to fall like that rather than topple, so they don’t hurt anyone else
  • Oh, I guess that makes sense, if they were designed to fall and fell then everything is okay.

  • What about the Pentagon? Don’t ask about that, it’s secret cause we can’t let them know how bad they got us.
  • Okay, I’m not really interested anyway. I’m gonna watch the clip of the plane hitting the tower a hundred times in a row instead.

Today none of these answers seem to stand up to serious scrutiny, and looking around makes it seem less and less likely that all or any of the official story actually represents what happened. Most of what we got from the government and CNN seems to reflect convenient answers rather than accurate ones. Specifically, I can’t help feeling like they were designed to satisfy any curiosity and distract away from the gaping holes in the official explanations.

The gaping holes, of course, being things like where the non-WTC planes went, as they weren’t at the claimed crash sites. Vaporized?, that seems implausible, and what about the collapse of the WTC buildings, why was the basement so hot the steel structure was molten metal? Wasn’t most of the fuel from the planes burned off in the firebomb seen in the picture above? And how did the fire get to the basement anyway, thats crazy. Not to mention the massive sketchyness of the various warnings to people in the WTC and outrageous stock market activity before it even happened.

The implications of believing that the U.S. government, whether directly or though intermediaries, organized the attacks are so difficult to entertain that I almost want to just ignore the evidence, discount it as misrepresentations by paranoid maniacs along with films by Michael Moore. But that just doesn’t feel right, there are too many holes and not enough transparency on the part of the U.S. in dealing with the accusations, they seem to just hope the “nuts” will go away when they see no one believes them. I don’t think this is going to dissapear though, nor do I think that all the 911 Truth Movement participants are nuts, they just believe something so radical that most people are unwilling or unable to consider it as a possibility.

I’m not done learning about this and haven’t come to any final conclusions, but I think that as 9/11 was a defining moment of our generation and millenial culture, knowing what really happened is of vital importance to any political decisions we as humans and as Canadians make regarding anyone in the U.S. administration who may have been involved in such an obvious atrocity (not to mention the subsequent attrocities for which 9/11 was used as justification).

loose change - a documentary about the conspiracies involved in 9/11If you want a better source than me, the best place to start is Loose Change, a free, compelling, interesting and mind-blowing documentary of the evidence behind the movement and interpretation of how it is interelated. Movies don’t prove things, but this one makes it hard to deny that there is something, if not everything, that those responsible are not telling us about September 11th, 2001. It can be hard to stay clearheaded with a subject as authority-shattering as this one, but the information in this film is more than worth the adverse effects. The best review I’ve heard so far was from a friend over IM, who, while watching it, could only say “Holy fuck! … how could we be so blind???”


b57-ea07b - photo by jeremy clarke

For christmas last year Mira was nice enough to adopt a chimp for me, sponsoring the Fauna Sanctuary in Chambly Quebec, where a ton of chimps, other primates and various other animals are taken care of after their utility in science or as pets ends. We went to visit the sanctuary and were lucky enough to meet some of the rescued monkeys up close. The tests that were performed on the animals leave them pretty shaken up pretty much all the time, I feel like this image captures that a bit. I also put up a video of the same monkey on YouTube.

5ives and homophobes

nice hummer, sorry about your penisTom was nice enough to point out that 5ives beat me to the Hummer-dissing party by at least two years with this decision clincher:

Five great reasons to buy a Hummerâ„¢

  1. You’ve been wanting to buy much wider groceries (but have been stymied by the timid width of your Escalade)
  2. You and your make-believe wife were thinking of having 11 or 12 imaginary kids
  3. You’re sick of always being the environment’s goddamned bitch
  4. You could totally put a keg back there and just drive around and shit
  5. They were all out of penises

While on the subject, it’s fun to note that the post for my video on got a completely disproportionate amount of hate comments from the Hummer-loving community, with gems like:

Dude, you are so GAY. First of all, you’re dressed like a fag and you hump a Hummer like it’s your boyfriend’s ass.


Big jeepy will kill you all – blue succers!!!

I mean, proving that the internet is full of jerks isn’t exactly a challenge, but it’s fun to imagine why they chose me specifically for their textual gay-bashing: Do I look more gay? Is it really my pants and/or “pizza face” as mentioned in a few of the comments? I’d ask a real-life Hummer enthusiast in person but I doubt they could perform the necessary oral motor-functions to respond coherently (/snap).

Simian Uprising: officially just cute animal porn

monkey see monkey do - study about monkeys

And to anyone arriving here after searching for Animal Porn..

It seems my use of the words ‘animal porn’ in the title of this post has placed me on the third page of google results for that search term. In terms of search it’s the biggest reason people come to my site. They arrive at this page and see the baby monkey sticking out his tongue at the scientist.

Here are some search engine keyword stats from Google Analytics for the curious: