Clinton Pwnz Fox News Smirker, is a conspiracy theorist like you and me.

Posted by Jer Clarke on September 28, 2006 · General

Bill Clinton  PWNING a fox interviewer

Fox news is so full of shit I often wonder if their viewers and “journalists” take themselves seriously or not. Bill Clinton, it seems, agrees. He showed up for an interview knowing the bull would fly and ready to call them on it, describing exactly what was going on in the interview, in the right wing media today and in the White House while he was there (specifically, why he didn’t kill Osama), all while remaining composed, lucid and not resorting to catchphrasery. No one is perfect, and Clinton is a warhawk in his own way, but if nothing else he is exponentially better at it than Dubya, as well as actually having the best interests of United Statesers in mind, rather than… uh… nothing?

Link to YouTube video. (if this copy is “removed” then search for “clinton fox” and it should show up.)

Posted by Jer Clarke on September 28, 2006 · General

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  1. Kevin

    Clinton Interview:

    MSNBC’s Oblermann commentary:

    October 10th, 2006 at 10:25 pm

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