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Maybe I just shouldn’t play Second Life at all.

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me in second life

While I was inside someone actually made a joke about SL being “Warcraft Anonymous”, such strange crutches are available for the modern technology addict. Hopefully I don’t get too into the fashion show of it.

Avenue du Parc

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Avenue Du Parc mapMontreal’s administration randomly decided to rename the central Avenue du Parc after Robert Bourassa, an uninteresting Liberal Premier of Quebec. This is annoying both because Parc is a good name that indicates whats there (uh… Montreal’s most popular park on both sides of the street) and because there’s already a metro station etc named after Henri Bourassa. Wanna confuse people about the city? Why not name two streets after people with the same last name, get tourists to familiarize themselves with the lineage before they can get around by themselves.

This kind of renaming just doesn’t make any sense to me, if anything we should be changing names to increase clarity, say by eliminating the two streets within 15 minutes of each other named Clarke (one is “Clark” while the other is “ClarkE”) or any of what must be hundreds of ambiguous names (road versus crescent with the same name anyone?), not to mention the infuriating X street WEST versus X street EAST (with the added fun of them being O and E in french). Renaming a street that already has an accurate name that actually describes what you’ll find there is completely counter-intuitive, especially considering the fact that Henri-Bourassa, who’se metro station is at the end of the Orange Line and is thus intrinsically associated with the whole line, is already branded into the minds of anyone riding public transit in the city.

At best it’s a poorly made decision about which The People should have been consulted, at worst it’s a stale political move in a city with more than enough stale politics to go around as it is.

Link to a petition to stop the stupidity (thanks Hugh)

SNAKES ON A PLANE! Motherfucking 1$ supershow at the Motherfucking 1$ Cinema – TONIGHT!

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snakesonaplane graphic
Hey, you may or may not be aware that Snakes on a Plane, internet phenomenon and shit movie, is currently playing at Dollar Cinema here in montreal. You probably missed it in first run because it only played for like two weeks, NOW THIS CAN BE RECTIFIED!

Dollar cinema is showing it for the LAST TIME (probably the last time every played in MTL) this thursday (TONIGHT!) at 9:30, we will all be there. The cost, as always, is only 1$ for entrance and all snacks/drinks/popcorn is only 1$, bring a fiver and big out.

This will not just be watching a movie, it will be an event, including call-outs from my edited version of a script I found on the internet. Imagine Rocky Horror Picture Show but more ironic. YES, MORE! Check the script here (it’s a txt file ’cause I’m lo-fi like that).

Remember : THIS IS YOUR LAST CHANCE AND WILL BE SO MUCH FUN! Bring your friends, your booze, your altered mind. It’s practically free!

PLACE: Dollar Cinema Montreal ( metro:namur
TIME: 9:30pm TONIGHT! (thurs, oct19)
COST: 1$

(sorry about the short notice)

Oh man.

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Five Months Later it Still Rings true.

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the young one from foxtrot bemoans quitting Warcraft

Kids: Don’t even try it, enjoy the bliss of ignorance.

Trawling around Flickr makes me happy.

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Graphitti photo of mcdonalds compared with 911

Ambiguous but delicious, I love the sheer gutsiness of it. I’ve been saying for awhile now that I want a shirt with the “I [heart] NY” where the heart is an airplane icon instead, I guess incorporating 911 into a McDonalds logo is the next best thing.

(Just in case, Flickr is the best free photo sharing site, this page in flickr is what will make you happy.)

P.S. I can’t say no to The Assasination of Chicken Ceasar.

I just love the way it looks.

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defective by d esign - my favorite ipod name

Branded Juice

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Branded Juice - photo by Jeremy Clarke

Beacon Lighting Inc.

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Beacon Lighting Inc. - photo by jeremy clarke

Loons and Humans

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loons and humans - photo by jeremy clarke