Going to India

I haven’t mentioned it here before but I’ve been working for the past six months or so on a website/project called Global Voices, doing a redesign and hacking the shit out of WordPress. It’s comprised of a group of international blog-fiends who each read just about everything that happens in their local blogospheres (like, all popular blogs in india) then file summaries and links to Global Voices. It’s a kind of filter that can give westerners a sense of what’s happening in the blogospheres they have no real access to, as well as giving links to the best in english blogs coming out other countries (it only covers “developing” areas under the assumption that technologically advanced areas have their perspectives covered adequately already). I’m working under Boris (also a web developer/designer), who hired me because I updated my flickr and was able to talk shit about semiotics with him.

7175261_586e74191e.jpgAll that to say that the maniacs who run Global Voices are having a conference in India (Delhi) and were nice enough to invite me as deputy-g33k, so I will be pretty damn gone from Montreal and probably the web for a month (I’m bumming around after the conference and stretching the free ride as much as I can). I’ll be checking my email and probably updating this site when I can, as well as putting up any good images my camera happens to find (Monkey Temple of Jaipur anyone?).

I hope everyone has a downplayed and non-commercial holiday season but don’t have faith in it actually happening, so just try to enjoy it despite the mall /shudder

(India photo cc Mosseby)

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