Our Hero Flees Delhi in a Terror, encounters his heritage in Jaipur

20 million people is too many it seems, Delhi was terrifying and pretty decrepit, though I might be biased because I was staying in one of the worst neighboorhoods. As soon as the conference was over (4 days in Delhi) I booted out to Jaipur, a “small” city of only about the size of Montreal, chosen primarily because my pilgrimage to Galta, a.k.a. monkey temple, required it.

We saw a few of the tourist sites but Galta was definitely the best, both because I was able to reunite with my ancestors and for the outrageous view it afforded.

I’m now in the hippie infested town of Pushkar, on the road to pretty much completely missnig christmas, sorry Jesus.

Highlights from My Flickr Stream below. (lots more monkey pictures there)

Two drivers for the price of one

two drivers, one autorickshaw

Hills from inside Monkey Temple

hills from inside galta

My ancestor overlooks the city

monkey overlooks jaipur

Sandalwood Tika is good luck

SAndalwood is good luck

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