Shopping and Tourism

Been spending a lot of time inside while in japan, but luckily made a friend on Craigslist Tokyo who showed me around and helped me order food at restaurants, which is pretty much impossible as it often involves using a vending machine with no pictures and meat in all the choices (by the way, Craigslist is awesome, as I’ve been discovering lately. The Montreal page gets a fair amount of traffic and scored me a sweet apartment).

I updated my Flickr account with photos, highlights below:

New Friend from the Internet

New friend from the internet - photo by jeremy clarke

Reality to George Lucas: You’re Fired, Noob

message to george lucas: you're fired  noob - photo by jeremy clarke

Arcade P.O.Ds

Arcade P.O.Ds - photo by jeremy clarke

It’s supposed to look like a “peach”… uh hunh.

it says peach on it - photo by jeremyclarke

Going to Japan

I’m consistenly alarmed (as in, lost and rendered useless) by how few people know English around here, but that’s good for them and probably just because I was spoiled by India. Things maybe aren’t as constantly surprising as I thought they might be but that’s probably because I got my astonishment out of the way before I got here (thanks for spoiling the surprise, Internet).

Made a big update to My Flickr Account, hightlights below:

Shadow of Tokyo

shadow of tokyo - photo by  jeremy clarke


pachinko - photo by jeremy clarke


water - photo by jeremy clarke

Helpful Robot Arm

helpful robot arm - photo by jeremy clarke

Christmas Stories for Tech Law Nerds

A bit late but I was in India so forgive me. Ed Felten’s blog Freedom To Tinker is always a fascinating read about technology, law and encryption, but he’s also really funny when he tries:

How the Grinch Pwned Christmas: The Grinch, determined to stop Christmas, hacks into Amazon’s servers and cancels all deliveries to Who-ville. The Whos celebrate anyway, gathering in a virtual circle and exchanging user-generated content. When the Grinch sees this, his heart grows two sizes and he priority-ships replacement gifts to Who-ville.

Read the rest.

The hero seeks peace and enlightenment in Pushkar, finds sickness and parties.

Having parted company with my travelling partner Jenn Brea, I decided to see Pushkar, a stoner haven near Jaipur where alcohol and meat are illeagal but you can buy hash-based drinks in all the restaurants. I made some friends but got sick and felt lonely and missed Montreal, so there you go.

I’ve realized that in captioning my photos I’ve put a fairly detailed travel log into My Flickr Account, so if you’re looking for details feel free to sift through the images. There’s also lots of good monkey shots in there.

I’m now in Tokyo where the toilet washes then dries your butt for you, out of India where the sink drains onto the floor, go figure. Pictures of that to follow.

Highlights from Pushkar:

A Different Kind

a different kind of monkey - photo by jeremy clarke

Parade – or – food for the sacred

parade - or - food for the sacred - photo by jeremy clarke


moti my camel - photo by jeremy clarke

How Many Can You Count?

how many can you count