Shopping and Tourism

Been spending a lot of time inside while in japan, but luckily made a friend on Craigslist Tokyo who showed me around and helped me order food at restaurants, which is pretty much impossible as it often involves using a vending machine with no pictures and meat in all the choices (by the way, Craigslist is awesome, as I’ve been discovering lately. The Montreal page gets a fair amount of traffic and scored me a sweet apartment).

I updated my Flickr account with photos, highlights below:

New Friend from the Internet

New friend from the internet - photo by jeremy clarke

Reality to George Lucas: You’re Fired, Noob

message to george lucas: you're fired  noob - photo by jeremy clarke

Arcade P.O.Ds

Arcade P.O.Ds - photo by jeremy clarke

It’s supposed to look like a “peach”… uh hunh.

it says peach on it - photo by jeremyclarke

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  1. i love craigslist. i check it at least once a day, even when i need nothing. so much fun to be had!

  2. Seconded (thirdededed) on the craigslist recommendation. I can’t believe people use anything else, other than friends, to find apartments.

  3. While in Tokyo, have you considered making some money on the side? Down in Roppongi there are a couple bars where Japanese folks pay large sums to urinate on white go-go boys . (Don’t shoot the messenger – the japanese have a special sense of fun.) You can easily clear $500. in a night. Or if you want something more tame, there’s the companion bar near the ANA Hotel near the overpass. Anyways have fun.

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