The Awesome Awkwardness of Social Networks

my facebook feed showing marriage messges for two different people that are incorrectly timed

Moment of Facebook zen when two different couples I know have their relationships awkwardly upgraded because of the way the system works. At the top my brother Chris, who’s been married since the summer, is listed as having just married his wife Mary because she just joined Facebook and couldn’t be listed as his partner before, with facebook making a huge deal about it. Below is the aftermath of a similar message, where my friend Mike thanks everyone for their congradulations but reminds them that the news of his engagement is two years old. What a delightful bug that lets you relive the celebratory moments of your life again upon joining. (Now all I need to do is make a version which, upon joining, forces you to list all the old relationships you’ve had and reminds everyone how you broke up with those people.. Oh wait, that’s just what friending your Ex’s is like)

So it turns out I look just like one of the guys from ABBA

i look like the guy from abba... hmmm
At least as he looks in this picture (cropped version to the right). It’s weird to find celebrities to whom you actually do have an uncanny resemblance, especially when it’s almost always Kevin Bacon (seriously, even some guy in Japan who didn’t speak english said I looked like Kevin Bacon).

bme guy who looks like meThough I guess it’s just as weird to find normal people that look just like you, like this guy I found on BMEZine while looking for someone with a certain kind of piercing I wanted to get. Not only does he look exactly like me, but he has the piercing I wanted and got on his lips (though he has two and I only want/ed one) and stretched ears similar to mine. Crazy.

For those who don’t know me face to face or forget what I look like, see this.

Abba similarity found by Ed, who also looks like that guy but only cause Ed looks like me. Note that he actually noticed it on this joke about jABBA the Hut, which happened to have the original ABBA shot mixed in.

P.S. For those of you who have been complaining that this site isn’t safe for work lately because of the last post, do NOT go see my Flickr Page. I updated it with some new Japan photos that make the statue look tame.