Rooting for the Underdog

Linux Mac Ad spoof I still don’t use Linux on a day to day basis (I have Ubuntu installed on my MacBook but only use it for a few weird tasks like checking projects on Internet Explorer), but I love to root for it nonetheless. Novell, who release the SUSE linux distribution, made some joke ads that play on the “I’m a Mac” ads that are slowly getting annoying, and they’re pretty good. A bit light on the actual content but that’s mostly just the medium I guess. Some day Apple will screw up or Linux will be truly ready and I’ll switch over. Until then I’ll just watch funny YouTube ads for it and think “Hell yeah, the mac ad with the bimbo was so sexist, props to Novell for making their ad a bit more balanced”.

First (best) one (others are in the YouTube sidebar, you know how it works).

Also of note in the “spoofing the damn Mac ads” arena is this set , which feature a “I’m a Mac” character who is basically just a dumbass and a “I’m a PC” who trades John Hodgeman’s tweediness for just more pompousness. They try to argue against most of the real points made in the original ads but usually fail to point out anything relevant to the actual topics they argue (as well as having factual omissions, like implying that Macs don’t have pre-installed firewalls).

Happy Good Friday Everyone – or – Jesus was from a Village, right?

Jesus was from a village right

Not mine unfortunately, origin unknown. Makes my video muscle itch:

[Cut from cricifiction scene of a Jesus movie]
Jesus: WHYYYYY!?!? (i.e. “why hast thou forsaken me”)
[Cut from a Village People video]
VillagePeople: M – C – A !
[replay Jesus “why” but as a repeating loop]
Jesus: Wh-Wh-Wh-Wh-Wh-Wh-Wh-
[Back to Village People Video]
–Super-slowmotion video of cowboy dancing, lasts 2-3 minutes–

Thanks to Shawna for the photo tip.