Best cartoon description of DRM I’ve ever seen.

songbird takes a bite of the Apple fruitsongbird gets diahrhea

Found at Songbirdnest, home of the up-and-coming Open-Source/Free Software music player which does everything iTunes does but is Free (as in freedom) and also does more. The software itself isn’t ready for public use yet, but I have high hopes of switching to it when it’s ready.

The cartoons were on this great article about how Apple intentionally built it’s newly released iPods in a way that makes them only work with iTunes, which means that you not only are put in a position where you’re more likely to use their store and other products, but also that people using computers running operating systems other than Mac OSX or Windows are unable to use the new iPods because only Mac and Windoze have iTunes. Luckily the article links to a way of fixing the intentionally broken iPods, but it’s just one more example of Apple trying to control their customers with DRM when just leaving it alone would have been easier.

My tummy is rumbling, I wonder if it’s cause I’m excited about Songbird or because I’ve been using iTunes all day?

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