Catching up on XKCD makes me happy

xkcd comic, joke about epoch

This is so good, but completely meaningless unless you’re in on so many nerdy internet things. For reference see Fail Blog, an example of Epic Fail (which is originally a D&D joke) and Unix Time, which sets it’s zero moment as Jan1 1970 (a.k.a. the Unix Epoch).

Is XKCD the best thing ever? Yes.

Old clothes make me sad when I have to get rid of them

I hate to post things that are already on the front page of YouTube, but this is just too sweet, thoughtful and funny. I’m also a sucker for acoustic guitar and immaculately performed lo-fi camera tricks, both of which are excellently executed in this one.

screenshot of the video
Dan and Dan in “Requiem for a Wardrobe”

Sidewalk Psychiatry

Candy Chang points out how the urban grind can make people lose sight of the bigger questions in their lives, and puts those questions on the sidewalk for people looking down:
sidewalk psychiatry
(more photos at the link above)

This is an amazing idea. Artistic graffiti is beautiful and wonderful, but simple questions like these can be so powerful and visceral for the people who see them, regardless of how they’d normally feel about art or vandalism. I usually use chalk.

(Found via. Spacing Montreal)


dont' phase me bro

I had to. Via lolbots.

Also on the subject of unnecessary electrical violence, this amazing techno/video remix of the original ‘Dont’ Tase me Bro’ student situation. The mix is just so catchy, I saw it a few months ago but still randomly get it stuck in my head. YouTube Link.

End Prohibition

A friend of mine pointed out to me that today is the anniversary of the end of prohibition of beer so many decades ago (In the U.S.) Obviously, this is something we should all be happy about, only bad things happened during the prohibition of alcohol and people had access to it anyway (except that the high prices funded organized crime instead of the public trust through taxes).

marijuana prohibition causes crime I like to take holidays celebrating the legality of alcohol as an opportunity to reflect on the stupid, pointless and destructive laws we still suffer against regarding drugs less dangerous and more fun than alcohol. Marijuana and psilocybin mushrooms, for example, are completely non-lethal (unlike alcohol), not chemically addictive (and mushrooms aren’t even really psychologically addictive) and don’t make people into violent jerks like alcohol does, yet they remain illegal because a minority of our society cares about what the rest choose to do with those substances.

They are natural organisms designed by [INSERT DEITY] and springing from the earth, but which are illegal to cultivate, a crime against nature and ourselves. I look forward to a time when we can celebrate the day that crime could no longer depend on the masses consuming something safe for their paycheck, until then I’ll just thank my lucky stars I live in a country and province that are sane towards these substances, if inconsistent (by which I mean that we the majority aren’t in direct danger for our habits like we could be in more paranoid and anal-retentive societies, despite the official illegality of our actions).

[Illustrational photo by ashergrey]

Global Voices Summarized in Podcast

Global Voices OnlineEthan Zuckerman Solana larsen

When I tell people about my job at Global Voices they tend to get confused, sometimes even after they’ve seen the site. Admittedly it’s a pretty complex piece of journalism, research and community all mixed up together. For those people I recommend this podcast from Open Source Radio, where the host Chris Lydon interviews two of my bosses, Ethan Zuckerman and Solana Larsen about how and why Global Voices does what it does. They make a great argument for Global Voices as an idea and as a reality, and it’s great to hear the voices of people I’m so used to dealing with through text only (There is no Global Voices office, except maybe our irc channel).

It’s kind of long so you might want to actually put it on your “pod” of choice.

Link to episode page. Direct MP3 link (71 min, 33MB).