Damn, it told me to vote with my heart.

At the risk of distracting any other Canadians from the upcoming U.S. election I thought I’d share this great project, Vote for Environment, that has poll stats for every riding and will give you strategic advice on how to defeat the Conservative government in the upcoming election (the Canadian election). You just put in your postal code and it gives you a recommendation.

My Riding’s Stats
stats for my riding, bloc leads but ndp and green are next, holy shit!

Unfortunately my current riding is utterly pwned by the Bloc Quebecois (seperatist party) candidate Gilles Duceppe, who just happens to be the beloved golden-boy leader of basically the entire sovereigntist movement these days. Vote for Environment was on to this, so they told me to vote with my heart because my vote can’t possibly affect the number of Conservatives in government (though one more bloc rep isn’t so bad, they vote progressive on almost all issues anyway, its just the pesky not wanting to be in Canada that bugs me about them).

My favorite part is seeing the rest of the stats for my riding, the Green party are ahead of the Liberals and the NDP have more than 5x the predicted votes of the Conservatives. If this neighborhood was representative of the whole country I’d feel pretty safe (thanks for ruining everything, western Canada!).

(Thanks, Mira)