is a piece of shit website that is probably convincing people to buy cars.

UPDATE: Some commenters are reporting that the site works with Chrome despite still not working with Firefox, so maybe Chrome is the solution you are looking for. Read below for my take on how the site didn’t work in 2009, obnoxiously still relevant today.

From: Jeremy Clarke <jer @si…>
To: <webmaster>
Date: Fri, 6 Feb 2009 19:49:45 -0500
Subject: is completely broken if you haven’t noticed

Hi, I am a person who likes to use the bus as well as the internet.

Your site has been broken for years now and makes it harder to take busses. Lately it has become completely broken. You can’t search for any bus schedule without incurring an error.

Please try using your site and notice how broken it is, then fire whoever is in charge, hire someone who knows how to program a website, then make sure they fix the website. If you cannot handle this task please fire yourself, you do not deserve to be answering the ‘webmaster’ address at this domain.

error message from greyhound.caAnyone who rides the intercity busses in Canada has probably noticed that there is no way to get the Greyhound site to give you a proper quote on a bus fare, its been like that for years: they actually told me once at the terminal that I shouldn’t trust times and prices on the site because it is innacurate.

What’s new is that it now shows an error any time you even try to find the times that the busses leave. This means that the website is now 100% LESS USEFUL than the flyers they print out and offer a bus stations with departure times.

It’s pathetic and frustrating. They end up making you call them and waste human phone time instead of fixing their site. While getting angry I noticed a link on the site saying “have a problem? Email”, so I sent them the message above.

Their response?

From: <postmaster>
Date: Fri, Feb 6, 2009 at 7:49 PM
Subject: Undeliverable: is completely broken if you haven’t noticed
To: jer@si…

Delivery has failed to these recipients or distribution lists:
The recipient’s e-mail address was not found in the recipient’s e-mail system. Microsoft Exchange will not try to redeliver this message for you. Please check the e-mail address and try resending this message, or provide the following diagnostic text to your system administrator.
Sent by Microsoft Exchange Server 2007

Thanks for the confirmation, assholes.

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  1. Ridiculous website,doesn’t work on Safari or Chrome. Obviously this company doesn’t care about convenience for their potential clients. Very unfortunate. Hey Greyhound, have a lot at Via and follow their lead.

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