is a piece of shit website that is probably convincing people to buy cars.

UPDATE: Some commenters are reporting that the site works with Chrome despite still not working with Firefox, so maybe Chrome is the solution you are looking for. Read below for my take on how the site didn’t work in 2009, obnoxiously still relevant today.

From: Jeremy Clarke <jer @si…>
To: <webmaster>
Date: Fri, 6 Feb 2009 19:49:45 -0500
Subject: is completely broken if you haven’t noticed

Hi, I am a person who likes to use the bus as well as the internet.

Your site has been broken for years now and makes it harder to take busses. Lately it has become completely broken. You can’t search for any bus schedule without incurring an error.

Please try using your site and notice how broken it is, then fire whoever is in charge, hire someone who knows how to program a website, then make sure they fix the website. If you cannot handle this task please fire yourself, you do not deserve to be answering the ‘webmaster’ address at this domain.

error message from greyhound.caAnyone who rides the intercity busses in Canada has probably noticed that there is no way to get the Greyhound site to give you a proper quote on a bus fare, its been like that for years: they actually told me once at the terminal that I shouldn’t trust times and prices on the site because it is innacurate.

What’s new is that it now shows an error any time you even try to find the times that the busses leave. This means that the website is now 100% LESS USEFUL than the flyers they print out and offer a bus stations with departure times.

It’s pathetic and frustrating. They end up making you call them and waste human phone time instead of fixing their site. While getting angry I noticed a link on the site saying “have a problem? Email”, so I sent them the message above.

Their response?

From: <postmaster>
Date: Fri, Feb 6, 2009 at 7:49 PM
Subject: Undeliverable: is completely broken if you haven’t noticed
To: jer@si…

Delivery has failed to these recipients or distribution lists:
The recipient’s e-mail address was not found in the recipient’s e-mail system. Microsoft Exchange will not try to redeliver this message for you. Please check the e-mail address and try resending this message, or provide the following diagnostic text to your system administrator.
Sent by Microsoft Exchange Server 2007

Thanks for the confirmation, assholes.

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  1. Jer, which browser are you using? I am not home right now so I cannot test Safari/Mac but I am at work using Chrome/Windows and it works just fine. I am sure you know what you are talking about, and it would not surprise me that the site is broken, since I have come across a lot of broken sites over the years, but I have yet to find an error. I was using the Kirkland station going to toronto, ottawa, sudburry, etc.

  2. Ouch. Fail on so many levels.

    Props for calling them out on their bullshit. Too bad the whole ‘e’ level of their business is underwater :P

  3. I have to say that was a rather poetic ending. Maybe print it out and mail it to them. A lot of companies have legal obligations to respond to written letters (in Australia anyway, not sure about Canada).

  4. Louis: Yeah. I tried it again and it worked for ottawa->montreal but not for montreal->magog. Mira says it never works for her and that’s what I based my statement on, but I guess it just often doesn’t work, but manages to have the most popular routes semi-functional.

    That said, if you try to have it actually help you understand pricing and discounts I think you’ll find it decidedly broken in various subtle ways that make it untrustworthy and horrible to use.

  5. Jer: Yes, I see what you mean. I have only ever used the website once, a few years ago but understand now if I had to use it on a more frequent basis that it is pretty broken.
    Actually, right after posting my comment, I checked a few other searches and found most of them had a “problem with my request”.
    Also, I think it is hilarious that the webmaster’s email address is unmonitored and unused.

  6. so here I am months later – and totally frustrated by the website as described above. I google “why is the greyhound website a piece of shit?” and got a surprising number of hits, not to mention the above commentary – too funny, I am less mad right now because I am laughing.

  7. Greyhound can charge WHATEVER it wants for “service” but does it have to deliver???? Hell no!! How in the hell can you get ANY info from this Co.??, an gawd forbid if you want to track an express parcel [ for which I paid $48. bucks!!]

  8. The website is excrement, they need to find a solution for this elementary annoyance.
    I shouldn’t be surprised that the site doesn’t work, I mean what every worked when it came to greyhound?…. the bathroom door can still be opened from the outside even though it says “occupied”.
    The hand sanitizer is always empty, toilet paper? hahaha… short answer is “bring some”, I swear they still use VHS when playing movies too.

  9. Well I’ve been battling the greyhound site this weekend, and the only way I’ve found to beat it is to use the web browser chrome on a p.c. but this may be a route dependent workaround.

  10. i too have enccounterd the same problems twice. the first time the price tripled because i had to go to thje window to buy it after it had charged my credit card 27 times. I also had to get my card company to report them for what they were doing.Then a few months ago i went to whistler just outside of vancouver for a few days to get out of town and the website didnt work so i called the customer service and they went a head and booked it at a cost that was doubled with an extra 10$ fee added on cause i had to use the phone.

  11. Too idiotic to live … I was broken “for several years” in early 2009 and it’s still completely broken in late 2011. So several years are starting to approach the decade range. What an epic fail! Ha!

  12. For the posterity record, here is what it returns when trying to simply get the schedule from Kitchener to Toronto; go ahead, try it yourself:

    Server Error in ‘/’ Application.


    Description: An unhandled exception occurred during the execution of the current web request. Please review the stack trace for more information about the error and where it originated in the code.

    Exception Details: System.Exception: Error

    Source Error:

    Line 24:
    Line 25: if (node != null)
    Line 26: throw new Exception(String.Format(“Error {0}”, node.Value));
    Line 27: }
    Line 28:

    Source File: e:\Inetpub\\wwwroot\App_Code\QuickLink\QuickLinkData.cs Line: 26

    Stack Trace:

    [Exception: Error ]
    App_Code.QuickLink.QuickLinkData.CheckXmlError(XmlDocument document) in e:\Inetpub\\wwwroot\App_Code\QuickLink\QuickLinkData.cs:26
    App_Code.QuickLink.UI.Schedules.PopulateData(Boolean friday) in e:\Inetpub\\wwwroot\App_Code\QuickLink\UI\Schedules.cs:138

    [Exception: Error , Url:
    App_Code.QuickLink.UI.Schedules.PopulateData(Boolean friday) in e:\Inetpub\\wwwroot\App_Code\QuickLink\UI\Schedules.cs:176
    App_Code.QuickLink.UI.Schedules.SearchSchedules_Click(Object sender, EventArgs e) in e:\Inetpub\\wwwroot\App_Code\QuickLink\UI\Schedules.cs:240
    App_Code.QuickLink.UI.Schedules.OnLoad(EventArgs e) in e:\Inetpub\\wwwroot\App_Code\QuickLink\UI\Schedules.cs:218
    System.Web.UI.Adapters.ControlAdapter.OnLoad(EventArgs e) +15
    System.Web.UI.Control.LoadRecursive() +8683053
    System.Web.UI.Page.ProcessRequestMain(Boolean includeStagesBeforeAsyncPoint, Boolean includeStagesAfterAsyncPoint) +627

  13. I agree– horrible website. I spent 2 hrs trying to book a short jaunt. Turned out that the website wouldn’t let me complete the process because the boarding point was closed the day I wanted to board but I had to phone two greyhound employees to finally determine that. The first person was barely understandable because of her broken accented English and the second one eventually told me if I had booked for a different day it would have worked. He was at the number that the first girl gave me for help with Online booking. Some help– even rude. They advertise ” no reservations necessary , just come to board” but he told me that it would be at the drivers discretion to allow me on to purchase my ticket at the next service stop ( which I never could determine which points were service stops on their website). The print at home tickets I never did get to see as I could not get to the point where I actually could purchase. My beef is that no where as you proceed are there any explanations why the screens do not work and of course you keep trying different things. For some reason even though all my info was typed in correctly it kept telling me I was missing info.I double checked and still do not know why that kept happening Probably something about them retaining cookies. I hope you are passing all these emails on to them. I have booked flights many times with different airlines with no trouble at all . They should take a lesson from the airline sites. Thanks for the space.

  14. Hi guys,

    try Google Chrome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I have tried a thousand times to look up schedule times with firefox and it finally worked only with chrome…still the website is bullshit but anyway I need to buy my tickets so I am glad that someone in this blog gave the advice to use chrome, thanks!

  15. Good detective work, commenters! I added an update message at the top of the post recommending that people try Chrome instead of Firefox if that’s part of their problem. I switched to using Chrome for pretty much everything about a year ago and it’s definitely a good thing to have around either way :)

  16. It’s not the website that is the problem with Greyhound – it’s the entire frickin company. They have reneged on their tickets, booted me off because the driver read my ticket wrong, made my 10 year old daughter cry (not once but twice!) and have the assholiest staff I have ever met. They are the worst service-oriented company I have ever had the misfortune to patronize. They didn’t even have the courtesy to reply to me after I wrote an official letter of complaint (regarding my daughter’s situation). What a disgusting excuse for a company. I tell EVERYONE how horrible they are…

  17. Tried using Chrome for greyhound several times over the past year. Still no luck. Today a big SQL error message came up telling me someone is trying to hack into their website and pretend they are

    Before that, the main page told me to fill in all required fields, when all required fields were filled in. This happened 6 times.

    I suspect greyhound is just going to shut down their entire business before too long. It’s not just their website that seems to be collapsing into oblivion.

  18. Tell me about it. I’ve just come from their site, trying to get the most basic information on fares. I can’t even get past the first step, because every time I hit the button to search schedules, I get: “search_error: 17 février 2012 is not a valid value for DateTime.” Oh, right, I can’t use this because my operating system is in French. That alone is questionable, but that’s downright irritating when you consider that the website is ALSO OFFERED IN FRENCH, and that the error happens there as well.

    I’ve tried this with IE and Firefox, with the same problem in both. I’ve read somewhere that Chrome isn’t affected, but do I really want to install a browser I don’t like just for the sake of navigating one site?

    As for the translation, it’s awful. “Any time” appears in Spanish, “En savoir davantage” (“learn more”) is translated as “en savoir advantage”, and so on.

  19. I can get fares with Chrome, but you can’t purchase a ticket once you get them! There’s no way to select a fare and get to Step 5 Purchase.

  20. My son and I just lost $115 because my son got confused while purchasing the ticket and clicked the “print at home” option. He thought he was just printing out the confirmation number. I emailed Greyhound and they said they were sorry for the inconvenience but that our printed out (at home) ticket could not be exchanged. We were not able to catch the bus the date of the ticket for we ran into money problems (not having enough money). We were wanting to relocate. Anyhow we had hoped we could at least pay the $16 per ticket and have the date changed. We are very low-come and because of Greyhound’s stupid policy and that “print at home” stupid option we lost $115. I just feel so cheated out of that money. My son does to. He felt really badly and stupid about it. I told him it wasn’t his fault; it was ok to just forget about it. I just can’t figure out why Greyhound would have the print your ticket at home thing anyhow. Or maybe it is easy to figure. I just don’t think much of Greyhound.

  21. You’re so right, the website is a piece of shit! And the service is horrible also. I’ve taken buses all over Mexico and their bus lines are beautifully clean and efficient. It must be because they’re not monopolized by one single lousy company. They have to compete against each other for customers so all of them are excellent. In Canada we only have Grey Hound and it’s hilariously and embarrassingly horrendous.

  22. cannot bloody believe it
    still screwed
    i had this problem last year and called them and they wouldn’t give me the web fare and i told them they’re website didn’t work
    seriously in need of alternate bus company in western canada
    gonna look that up
    so frustrating

  23. I have been heading up to the U.P. for years in the winter when I dont want to fight the snow. I have always had a problem with getting to the “choose a return trip” as there is no button to click. The next best part is getting on the busses that have “wi-fi” ummmmmm, yeah. Ive never been on one that worked. Shitty, dirty bus line but no other choice, sucks.

  24. Just tried with Firefox, Internet Explorer and Chrome. All latest versions. It won’t work. This time it’s because it won’t let me write more than 10 caracters or so in the address field. I think I’ll just use teleportation…

  25. I thought something was wrong with the internet on my phone , i hadn’t realized that the problem could be that something was wrong with the greyhound website. Until my dad mentioned it to me as a possibility, I found this to be true. Due to the the. Fact that my is new and i haven’t had any problems searching other transportation sites, like
    Amtrak , Megabus etc. Those sites were in working order and provided the information that you i was looking for, i have tried to get on the website on my dads phone. And the internet at the library but i still couldn’t get on the greyhound website .

  26. Need information on xmas eve and no hope need tickets for xmas day and i can’t even upload s d this is a big problem for greyhound and they need help asap

  27. Yea this website is the ultimate shit. I tried safari, chrome, internet explorer on both mac and windows. I cannot pay and get a ticket. After step 5 it doesn’t work. Calling them and booking adds $12 to the ticket. I went to their station and they cannot find the destination when it was clearly shown online and told by their customer service that it exists. What a waste of time. is the worst site ever. Anyone know any other bus services in Canada?

  28. This website is the worst. Languages get confused, can’t get to payment page (unless I add the submit button using a debugger myself on step 4). Payment doesn’t work on Firefox (does on Chrome). Also, pressing radio buttons works completely randomly. Payment confirmation page is awkward.

    Complained and got a $25 voucher, I believe that’s not enough as I spent hours getting the tickets.

    “Greyhound Lines of Canada is committed to providing quality customer service. The website is continually being evaluated and the issue you described is being reviewed.”


  29. I have used the Greyhound site 3-4 times a year to book tickets and never an Issue, even for the last 2-3 years.Not sure what people are doing wrong. I also work for a Greyhound agent and I can assure u the website is working fine, If it tells u no destination found it could be that it’s a flag stop or a small place, or its possible the schedule may not run on that day too,But if theirs ever issues Call your local Greyhound Agent, esepcailly in terms of schedule information!They can provide u with the best info!

  30. I just tried on both Chrome and Internet Explorer. I could not reach step 5 like many others had reported. The weird thing is I have seen this site work before on the same browsers. What a poorly supported site to have the same know issue at large for 4 years.

  31. The website is just the tip of the iceberg! The website is terrible true, but if it stops you from taking the bus with them – it’s doing you a favour!

    I had a ticket this morning (which I had to go to a station to get because the website couldn’t find my city) and the bus came and went from the stop 20 minutes early. I passed it on my way to the stop! Was totally stranded and had to find a drive to my destination.

    They did respond to my Twitter query, but offered me a travel voucher for future travel – first for less than my ticket was worth. Then they offered me the full ticket price as a voucher. But a refund? Not possible I was told – it was a non-refundable ticket. But if it’s your fault I didn’t use the ticket, shouldn’t you just give me my money back?

    Customer service fail.

  32. Well, it’s May 14, 2013, and it looks like the website hasn’t worked in several years, yes, that’s YEARS! Heads need to roll! (ok, bad joke)

    Monty Python has the cheese shop sketch, Greyhound has their website.

  33. Can confirm: website still broken. It gets me all the way to confirming my purchase and then tells me I can’t. Tried on Firefox and Chrome.

    I am heading to the physical station now to purchase them. Cross your fingers!

  34. Friggin’ ridiculous. It lets me select fares, get all the way to the final confirmation step, then gives me the following bullshit error every single time:

    2216: Only 0 fares avail; try another fare or use Longhand fare selection

    If the fares aren’t fucking available, why did you fucking show them to me in the first place?! I think they keep it this way on purpose to sucker you into paying the more expensive non-web fare. They can’t possibly be THAT genuinely incompetent.

  35. The last time I used the Greyhound site I could actually lookup a route and find the schedule of the Boston/Albany route. Now, ha, it so does not work and they force you to know what bus service it is: Greyhound Express, Neon, etc. What if you don’t know? So you have to hunt. This is a wild goose chase. You never find what you are looking for. Then, to make matters worse, after you get entirely frustrated, you call up the 800 phone number to ask a human being and you get routed through a byzantine series of recorded questions most of which have nothing to do with what you are looking for. Suffice to say, I don’t care now when my friend is arriving on a bus from Boston. He can roam the streets Albany and be known as the man who never returned. (sound familiar?)

  36. Didn’t use Chrome, won’t use Chrome. Used Opera on an Asus tablet. Problem I’m having is that I’m trying to get schedule information and it keeps trying to get me to buy a ticket.

    I haven’t set up a website for some years but I’m sure I could do better than this.

  37. As of September 2014, the site generates an unrecoverable error every time when attempting to purchase a one way ticket. Two way ticket purchases seem to work. Hmmm.



  38. We have tried 3 computers – Mac and Windows operating systems, and 3 different internet browsers, and nothing works. I got as far as being able to submit credit card info and address, but the order would not got through as it kept returning error messages. Unbelievable. And it doesn’t look like I can purchase a ticket over the phone. I can’t believe a major organization like Greyhound would have such absolute shit service. I have taken the train frequently, and have also flown with several airlines, and I have never had such abysmal service.

  39. This is the worst website in the world. Still. In 2015. It won’t even allow me to select any destination or date. Even the pull down menus just don’t allow me to view the options. Frustrating. 6 years and counting.

  40. How is this still a problem!? I’m trying to buy tickets right now on chrome and it won’t even give me the prices or schedules. Keeps incurring errors or saying there are no buses. I’m sorry but i believe there is a bus from north bay to Toronto at least one day out of the month. What a joke.

  41. I tried chrome and that doesn’t work now either but it did once. Perhaps they are checking your website and every time someone finds a way to purchase an online ticket, they make it so it won’t work anymore. I can’t understand why they are letting this continue for this many years. Very unprofessional. It should not be an option if it is never working with no seemingly no intention to change that.

  42. My dad tried to book a ticket Montreal-Ottawa recently and the website didn’t work. Eventually, he got 3 confirmation numbers and has been charged 3 times.

    He wrote an email to “” (from the confirmation email) right away, but no answer in the last 2 weeks. I also called their free number and got transferred to the customer service, where the lady could barely hear me. After 30 seconds into the explanation, she says her Canadian system is offline and that I should call back for another agent. I ask her to just transfer me, so I don’t have to wait again but she says it’s impossible.
    I call back and get transferred again, this time waiting for about 20 minutes and to my surprise, it’s the same lady again with the same story.
    When I ask to speak to a supervisor, she refuses saying there isn’t one and when I ask to be transferred to the complaints department, she says it’s her and can’t help me.

    In conclusion, worst service, wasted about an hour of my time and still no news 2 weeks later, for an error of their website. It doesn’t get any easier than this, since it’s a ticket for the same bus, for the same person.

  43. Just tried to use it for the first time in my life and wasn’t able to register at all. I can view the schedules available, but the site displays no fares and keeps saying “Please choose an outbound and a return schedule” when I try to continue. Not sure how I’m supposed to choose one if I can’t select anything.

    Tried Firefox, Chrome and IE to no avail. What a piece of trash.

  44. Tried booking a oneway trip from Vancouver to Lloydminster AB. Errored out twice on IE11. Called into CS and waited multiple times on hold. CSR seemed reluctant to book over the phone and suggested to try Chrome browser.

    Enter all the info to buy ticket and now it’s been hanging on the please wait pop-up window for over 20 mins. Fortunately the bus station is on the route of my commute so I can drop in. Hopefully a ticket agent can complete this transaction.

  45. I agree. I cannot get the website to mark the city and schedule. It will not budge. They do this because they want you to go to the station and pay in person and it will cost more so they make money and you lose money and they frankly do not give a shit. And what’s more. sometimes you have to book online so you can get a bus out for sure or you can get stuck. How about a class action lawsuit against these guys? I got stuck overnight in a couple of places because of them and they offered no compensation at all. The woman who runs the head office in Calgary is a bitch from hell and rips people off and has no compassion whatsover.

  46. The truth is they don’t fix these problems on purpose, then you’d have to book in person or on the phone, which has extra processing fees.

    Greedy piece of shits!

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