I’ll be speaking at WordCamp Toronto

i'll be speaking at wordcamp toronto I nagged them early enough and got a slot to speak at WordCamp Toronto in May. I’ve had amazing times at the last two WordCamps I attended (San Francisco and New York, I missed the Toronto one last year) talking to people about my favorite web software and shooting the shit about all the little things the rest of the world doesn’t understand.

If you haven’t been and are a blogger/developper in the area you should check it out. If you’re in Montreal there will also be WordCamp Montreal in June but that’s pretty far off and we haven’t come up with many of the details yet. Not sure if I’ll be speaking in Montreal as well but it’s pretty likely ;)

Robin Schwartz’s Primate Photography

Stumbled on this beautiful set of photos of different monkeys living in domestic situations with humans in the late 80’s. According to the artist’s statement she went out of her way to get to know each of the primates personally before taking the photographs, giving them an intensely personal feel.

Robin Schwartz's Primate Photography example

See them all here. (via Fannie Laurence)