Another year, another exciting WordCamp Montreal

Once again I’m organizing WordCamp Montréal along with a great team of co-organizers. I’m managing the schedule and helping with all the other stuff. We’ve got a lot of great talks lined up as well as some fun summer treats to keep everyone energized and make it a great social event on top of being a place to learn and grow your skills.

I'm going to WordCamp Montreal 2011!

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If you use WordPress and have been meaning to learn more about it you should definitely come. In three years I’ve literally never heard anyone complain that WordCamp is a waste of time, even when they find a million other things to complain about ;)

Tickets are on sale now, so you should register ASAP.


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  1. Hey there! long time no talk!How are you? Wordcamp eh? what is it exacly,?.. some hangout for people to chat? and get to know other people? :) hope sitting on your ass on the computer all day isn’t too boring :P Write me back ! ;)

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