big fish

it’s weird that i can sit in front of a screen for two hours, scrutinizing and judging a film, trying to extricate ideology, meaning and flaws, and constantly noticing technical errors, and yet still end up crying at the end.

either i’m a sucker, or big fish is an amazing film.

it’s the kind of post-modernism that’s actually good for us, replacing all the irony driven sarcasm and self-referential exploitation and violence with a magical kind of meta-sincerity, leaving you feeling confused and wonderful. it gives us permission to LISTEN to the kind of stories we want to hear, without demanding that we consider them too closely, that we accept them for “what they are” or that we even think about them at all.

it’s the kind of story that makes me want to get off my ass and do something to re-create my own narrative, to re-discover my voice, and to say all the new and old things i’ve been meaning to say. it seems like the kind of movie that can really inspire people, can bring something new to the table.

or maybe i just cry a lot. the jury’s still out.

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  1. I LOVED THAT MOVIE!!! i saw it xmas day when it first came out. it wasn’t playing on the west island so i had to go all the way to the amc downtown to see it. definitely worth it!


  2. Shit… you know? After seeing 21 grams and being REALLY pissed off at it for being pointlessly extreme-dramatic, and reading this short little essay?

    Big Fish certainly is the best new film out there right now. I saw it, it didn’t do much for me… until several weeks later.

    Go movie.

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